Photo Credit: Krista Gibbard

Photo Credit: Krista Gibbard

Dream GAME

Dream Game is Sarah's first ever solo show, though she had plenty of help from loved ones and new friends. In this way, “solo” is only partially accurate.

In Dream Game, the audience follows the protagonist's eccentric dream body through a series of physically-manifested mental puzzles, with the ultimate goal of coming to know her own strengths.

Dream Game was previewed in November of 2018, with further development and performances planned for the near future.

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paper innards distribution

Paper Innards is an alternative media distributor, prioritizing the work of independent North American artists. The resulting curation of work is presented for sale online and in-person at publishing fairs and maker conventions.

Paper Innards has been present at Craftacular and Canzine in 2014; VanCAF, the Portland Zine Symposium, and Canzine in 2015; VanCAF, Canzine, VABF, and Euzine in 2016; Canzine, the Vancouver Art Book Fair, Zine Club and Monker Press’s Print Fair/Art Market in 2017, as well as Canzine and the VABF in 2018.

Sarah was also the Artist in Residence for the 2017 Vancouver Art Book Fair, where she mounted an installation entitled Let Me Help You Find What You’re Looking For, a playful, arbitrary, and meticulous categorization and augmentation of the growing VABF Library/Archive.


human musings v.2 podcast

Human Musings, currently in its second incarnation, follows the format of asking and answering one ambitiously “big” question per episode. Mixing banter with explorative discussion, Sarah and Kieran bring their respective backgrounds, education, and insights together in a cohesive show of chemistry, curiosity, and comedy.



In 2017 Sarah took David MacMurray Smith’s colloquially-named “Baby Clown” course, which renewed and deepened her relationships with embodiment, curiosity, and impulse. She has also taken the Extensions and Personality in Performance courses with David.

She greatly enjoyed working with the intelligent and mysterious sensational body, and continues to delight in her solo clown work and study. Watch some of her clown-inspired sketch!


trash from my house

A satirical (but also very, very real) mail subscription service. For $7 a month,  Sarah will send subscribers a piece of garbage along with the item’s story. The service’s cautious beginnings were in late 2017, but after it was received surprisingly well at a number of publishing fairs, TFMH is now a realized and available service. If you, too, would like to buy some trash, that is absolutely your right, and you can do so here.



Dear Lover is a compilation of anonymous snippets of written communication between lovers. Edited to contrast the heartfelt with the mundane, the buoyant with the devastating, Dear Lover elucidates that, just as humans are polychromatic, so are our expressions of intimacy. Sarah conceived, designed, and edited the zine, but was graciously provided with many of the messages from friends, ex-lovers, and strangers.

Dear Lover is available for purchase.

Photo Credit: Kiera Floor

Photo Credit: Kiera Floor

Stand-Up Comedy

From April 2013 to June 2014 (resurfacing once, on a dare, in 2016), Sarah dabbled in the art of stand-up comedy. She performed a handful of times at the Comedy Mix in Vancouver, at New West’s Lafflines Comedy Club, opened for Graham Clark and Charlie Demers at the fondly-remembered In The House Festival, and filmed a collabospecial at Los Angeles’ ACME Theater. Sarah’s stand-up has been described as sharp, charming, and playful. To this day her friends, family, and strangers alike suggest (sometimes aggressively) that she return to the stage.