Expression coaching

In more focused terms, this service is a hybrid between copywriting and spaceholding; I will assist you in communicating yourself in writing in a variety of contexts. I have experience in writing resumés, letters of intent, biographies, and service descriptions (for folks other than myself, I might add). After getting the basics across, my role is to clarify and amplify what you’d most like to communicate. In the case of a cover letter or program application for example, this might be the abilities, intentions, and characteristics that best describe you as a marvellous individual.

But, here’s the kicker: this extends far beyond the realm of work and education. Should you want help with an emotionally challenging e-mail or conversation, your style and wardrobe, or your social media presence, I can assist you. In any realm you feel stopped or stifled, we can work together to explore, refine, and express what it is you’d like to put into the world.